Our wearables have gotten a lot smarter and more advanced. These days, wearables like some smartwatches can measure more than just our heart rate, it can track our sleep, it can be used as an ECG monitor, and some can even measure blood oxygen levels, all of which can be used as a way of gauging our overall health.

However, what if you did not want a wearable strapped to your wrist all day? Are there alternatives? You bet there are. At the ShowStoppers event at CES 2021 earlier this month, we came across a device called Vmed which is basically a smartphone case that has the ability to measure your vital stats.

Some of the measures can be found in wearables, but it is now in the form of a smartphone case that maybe some of you can appreciate better. This includes the ability to measure blood oxygen levels, breathing rate, BRV, blood pressure, ECG, heart rate, HRV, your fatigue factor, stress index, and even your temperature.

The best part is that since this doesn’t come in a smartwatch form factor, it is less personal and you can even use it to monitor the vital stats of people around you, like family members that you’re taking care of, and so on. The case also works with an accompanying app that records the data that users can then share with their doctors on their next visit.

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