xRblood Pro is an automated, A.I driven, blood testing device that aims to become the first at-home blood test with an accuracy that is high enough to replace a trip to a lab. This solution could potentially save countless hours and even generate savings for patients with chronic diseases, for example.

Like a regular lab test, xRblood Pro generates a complete blood analysis report that includes red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and more, says xRapid Group, the company behind the product. Many patients need to test for their blood counts often, and it is common to do this at a hospital or a lab.

But before you get too excited, this device is not yet available to the public as it is currently being tested in clinics and hospitals as it goes through the regulatory processes necessary to deploy to a non-professional audience.

The previous xRblood (no-Pro) device shown last year at CES could do some of this, but the 2021 “Pro” version can also do Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDTs) at a very high speed of 100 RDT per minute.

RDT can be useful in testing for common diseases and xRapid Group mentions Covid-19, Tetanus, Gluten intolerance, and more on their website. Various types of infections are also detectable with it, and the alternative to xRblood Pro is to have a physician look at samples with a microscope.

The “Lab type” testing usually takes between 5 to 10 minutes, and that is the exciting feature for consumers, in my opinion. The RDT seems more like something a clinic could use at scale, as it is unlikely that regular folks do these tests often enough to justify getting an xRblood Pro.

The business model around this device is to sell the device and the consumables required for each test. It is like the inkjet printer business to make a parallel with the electronics world.

The current iteration of the product is accessible to family doctors as an intermediary step prior to the consumerization of this type of device.

The primary device would cost around $2000, while test consumables (cartridges) would vary between $5 to $50 depending on the test type. These are ballpark numbers which the company will need to finalize, but they give you some idea of the product positioning.

If the user has enough test or can save a trip to a lab or a hospital, that seems worthwhile. Also, we imagine that there could be nearby facilities/clinics where these machines could be available, for a fee.

Unsurprisingly, xRblood Pro won an official CES 2021 Innovation Award from the show’s organizers. The company has other health-related products such as the xHale mask and was co-founded by its current CEO Jean Viry-Babel.

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