Just because you consider someone to be your family, even if it’s necessarily by blood, it doesn’t mean that they can’t turn around and betray you or do things that work against you. Take for example over in India, where a man who extorted by what he thought was a group of hackers, only to find out that it was his 11-year old son.

The man claimed that he was initially threatened by the “group” to pay Rs 10 crore to them unless he wanted them to leak his alleged obscene photos and family details. His email was hacked where the password was changed along with the mobile number associated with it. The “hackers” even claimed that they were watching him and his family and continue to harass them.

However, when the man eventually reached out to the police for help, they discovered that the IP address of the so-called hackers came from the man’s own home, meaning that the threats were made from within the house. The police started to question the man’s son who later confessed that he was behind it.

He told the police that he learnt what he needed to know from watching videos on YouTube, such as how to avoid getting caught. The police say that they are continuing to investigate the matter so it is unclear as to what might happen to the boy and if he could eventually face charges.

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