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When we think of a home being built, we can probably picture a lot of work going into it. A lot of materials will be required, a lot of machines are also expected to be used, and of course, a lot of people will also be involved. All of this can add up which is why building a home can be an expensive affair.

However, over in Calverton, New York, a construction firm by the name of SQ4D is trying to challenge that concept by 3D printing the foundations of a home. This includes the footings, foundation and slab, and the walls, all of which will be made by a gigantic 3D printer that is said to have taken about 48 hours to complete.

The entire process, including building up the rest of the house, took about 8 days in total, which is pretty crazy fast. It is also said that the entire process is about 30% cheaper compared to building a home of that size using more traditional methods. The house was created as a demo but it has since been sold on Zillow for $299,000.

This isn’t the first time we’re hearing about structures being built using 3D printing technology.  Long gone are the days where 3D printers were mostly used for tiny objects. A few years ago, the US Marines actually demonstrated how a concrete barracks could be 3D printed in as quickly as 40 hours.

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