If you’ve ever been to Japan, then you know how high tech their toilets are. To the people living there, it’s more or less a standard feature they’ve come to expect, but if you’re coming from another country, it’s kind of like a technological marvel with features that you never knew you needed until now.

That being said, it seems that Japanese company Murakami Corporation is looking into possibly making these toilets even more high tech than before. See, one of the concerns of these toilets is that the buttons are being pressed by everyone who uses them, and it’s not exactly hygienic, especially given the pandemic we’re facing right now.

So instead of having to wipe down these buttons everytime they’re used, Murakami has entered into a partnership with Parity Innovations to come up with a holographic panel that floats mid-air. By using infrared sensors to detect finger movement, it will be able to guess which are the buttons users are trying to press and will activate the feature accordingly.

Not just limited to toilets, this technology could also be applied to other instances where there is a lot of contact, like ATMs, elevators, and more. It might sound like a concept rather than an actual product, but Murakami is hoping to mass produce these panels in 2022, so maybe we’ll be seeing them implemented sooner rather than later.

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