One of the main reasons people choose SSDs over regular HDDs apart from speed is durability. This is because unlike regular HDDs that rely on spinning platters, SSDs have no moving components which means that technically, they should last longer than regular HDDs, but that might not be the case for Apple’s M1 computers.

According to user reports, it seems that Apple’s M1 Macs are wearing out their SSDs at a faster rate than expected. This is because on reports by several users in which they show that the write counts for their M1 SSDs to be kind of on the high side for a computer that’s about two months old.

It is unclear what the issue is at the moment. Could there be an error in the reporting tool that has incorrectly reported the write count? Or is there a problem with macOS itself that is somehow causing the SSD to be written to at a higher rate. Oddly enough this seems to be an M1 related issue so another potential cause could be the chipset itself.

Given that Apple’s computers aren’t necessarily the most user-friendly when it comes to repairs, this could become a problem further down the line as it would mean that owners might need to spend more money to get the problem fixed.

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