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Apple Germany Might Have Confirmed The 16-inch M1 MacBook Pro
While Apple hasn’t confirmed anything yet, it’s almost a given that the company’s 16-inch MacBook Pro will eventually be given the Apple Silicon treatment. However, it seems that Apple might have accidentally confirmed it, according to a report from Flo’s Weblog who shared a story sent in by a reader.

Even Apple Did Not Believe How Energy Efficient The M1 Chip Was
When Apple announced the M1 chip and the computers that would use it, one of the standout features was battery life. This is because the M1 functions similar to the A-series SoC, a different approach compared to Intel’s x86 design, and as a result, the M1 MacBook Pro offered battery life that lasted 16 hours and 25 minutes for web surfing.

Qualcomm Wants To Design Its Own Alternative To Apple’s M1
While the chipsets we’ve seen in our smartphones have advanced by quite a bit, what’s been rather exciting in the past year or so has been Apple’s M1 chipset, or the Apple Silicon. This is because with Apple’s reach, they have a good chance of making ARM-based chipsets a mainstream thing.

AppleCare+ Just Got Cheaper For The M1 MacBook Air And MacBook Pro
If you need extended warranty for your Apple device, AppleCare+ is the answer. However, it isn’t always the cheapest and it’s kind of like buying insurance – you’ll be glad you bought it when you need it, but it can sometimes be a bit of a tough pill to swallow given its pricing, but there is some good news on that front.


Apple Might Have Confirmed The M1X Macs
Were you disappointed when at WWDC Apple did not announce new MacBook Pros like the rumors said they would? If you are disappointed, you’re not alone, but at the same time, it’s hard to be surprised as WWDC is usually software focused. Sure, Apple did announce the M1 chipsets last year at WWDC, but it felt like a one-off thing.

Some macOS Monterey Features Won’t Be Available For Intel Macs
With all the new features that macOS Monterey will be bringing to the table, we’re sure that many Mac owners are excited to upgrade to it once it becomes available. Unfortunately for some Mac owners, you won’t be able to take full advantage of the upgrade because Intel-based Mac computers will not be getting some of the new features.

Apple’s M1 Chip Already Has An Unfixable Vulnerability
Security flaws and vulnerabilities are all part and parcel of tech. You would be hard pressed to find something that is completely free of it. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) for Apple, it seems that the company’s brand new M1 chipset which debuted last year already has a vulnerability that cannot be fixed.

M1 iMac Found To Be At Least 50% Faster Than 21-inch Intel iMac
Back in April, Apple finally gave its iMac lineup a much-deserved upgrade in terms of hardware and design. This came in the form of a new form factor, the 24-inch iMac, which was also powered by Apple’s new Apple Silicon M1 chipset that debuted in several Mac computers towards the end of 2020.

2021 iPad Pro Benchmarks Are Pretty Impressive
When Apple announced their latest iPad Pro, it was actually a bit of a surprise that the company opted to go with the M1 chipset instead of an “X” or “Z” variant of their A-series chipset. However, it seems to have been a wise decision because based on the benchmarks of the tablet, it is handling itself very well.

Apple’s New Touch ID Keyboard Is Only Compatible With M1 Macs
Yesterday, Apple announced their brand new 24-inch iMac and alongside the new computer, they also unveiled a new Magic Keyboard with Touch ID built into it. The keyboard is currently only available if you buy the new iMac as Apple doesn’t appear to be interested in selling it separately, at least for now.

Apple Claims They Are Now Selling More M1 Macs Than Intel-Based Models
Late last year, Apple finally launched their first wave of Mac computers powered by the M1 Apple Silicon chipset. This is part of Apple’s two-year plan in which they will make the full transition to Apple Silicon in place of Intel, and it seems to be a strategy that is working out well for the company.

Apple Continues To Sell 21.5-inch And 27-inch Intel iMacs Alongside 24-inch M1 iMac
Apple recently unveiled their brand new 24-inch M1 powered iMac. However, for those who might not fancy the design, or still prefer to use Intel, or prefer a larger model, you might be interested to learn that Apple is still selling both the Intel powered 21.5-inch and 27-inch iMacs alongside the new 24-inch model.

After Nearly A Decade, Apple Gives Its iMac A Much Deserved Refresh
The last time we saw Apple give the iMac a redesign was back in 2012 where they slimmed the design down of the all-in-one computer. From then, Apple has kept the design and only upgraded the internals. For those looking forward to a massive refresh, it looks like your wish has come true.

Apple’s New iPad Pro Comes With An M1 Chipset, Mini LED Display
Rumors that Apple could make the jump to mini LED displays for the iPad Pro have been circulating for a while, and it looks like the rumor was true. At Apple’s Spring Loaded event, the company took the wraps off its latest refreshed iPad Pro where it not only sports a mini LED display, but also the use of the M1 chipset.

You Can Now Run Windows 10 On M1 Macs...Kind Of
If you miss being able to run Windows on your M1-based Mac computer, you’re in luck because the folks behind Parallels Desktop has announced that in the latest version of their software, they are giving users the ability to install Windows 10 on ARM on their Mac computers, although there is a catch.

Official Support For Linux On M1 Macs Could Be Coming Soon
While Parallels might officially support the M1 Mac computers, the onus is now on Microsoft to allow consumers to purchase/download the ARM version of Windows 10. If you’re looking to dual boot your M1 Mac computer, Windows is not possible at the moment, but perhaps you could be interested in Linux.

It Turn Out You Can Upgrade The M1 Mac Mini’s Storage And RAM
While Apple’s computers have never really been what you would call customizable (save for the Mac Pro), some of them do support user upgrades to a certain extent, like the iMac which features a backdoor that lets users add extra RAM modules themselves quickly, easily, and not to mention safely.

Apple Silicon iMac Could Feature A Display Larger Than 27-inches
The largest computer offered by Apple at the moment is the 27-inch iMac, unless you count the 32-inch Pro Display XDR hooked up to another computer like the Mac mini or Mac Pro. However, that could change in the future, according to a tweet by leakster @l0vetodream (private) who claims Apple could launch an even bigger model.

Displays Won’t Wake When Connected To M1 Mac Mini
The Mac mini does not come with a display, which means that users will need to supply their own display if they want to use it. However, it seems that the M1 Mac mini is having some display related issues. According to numerous complaints, it seems that a problem that users are having is that their displays aren’t waking up when they turn on the Mac mini.

Intel Wants To Help Apple Make Future Apple Silicon Chipsets
Some of you might have noticed that just last week, Intel launched a campaign in which they basically bashed Apple’s M1 chipset and compared it against PCs running Intel processors. We can’t say we’re surprised as Intel is probably a bit upset that Apple has more or less ended their business relationship.