When plans for the Apple Silicon were announced, many were curious as to how Apple would tackle its higher-end computers. In the past, benchmarks of Apple’s A-series already found that they were comparable to some lower to mid-range Intel PCs, so when the M1 was announced, it wasn’t too surprising.

But how would Apple handle the higher-end Macs, especially the Mac Pro? It turns out that Apple might actually build the Mac Pro with a variant of the M1 Max chipset. This is according to a report from The Information (paywall) in which they revealed that Apple is working on a processor for the Mac Pro codenamed “Jade” that will be based on the M1 Max, but will feature two dies instead of one.

For those unfamiliar, having more dies on a chip essentially means that it could feature the use of more cores. If you recall, earlier this year there were rumors that the Mac Pro could feature an Apple Silicon chipset with 40-cores, so in this case, an Apple Silicon chipset with more dies on it would certainly make sense.

The report from The Information also suggests that this chipset will still be considered as part of Apple’s first-generation series of chipsets, and that the company has already mapped out their plans for second and third-gen chipsets.

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