Mining for cryptocurrency is essentially a race. The faster your machine is capable of solving the problems, the faster you get your cryptocurrency. This is why at one point in time, GPUs were suddenly in short supply as many miners started buying the best GPUs they could afford to make their mining rigs as powerful as possible.

Now it seems that miners have since turned their attention to laptops, or more specifically, laptops that are powered by NVIDIA’s RTX 30 series of GPUs. This is according to photos posted on Weibo in which Chinese miners are showing off rows upon rows, and stacks upon stacks of laptops, all of which are being used to mine for Ethereum, another cryptocurrency.

That being said, we can’t say we’re surprised. There seems to be a recent surge in the demand for cryptocurrency. For example, back in January, bitcoin hit the highest it had ever gone where it was valued at over $30,000. This means that mining for the cryptocurrency suddenly got a lot more lucrative than before.

So with miners starting to turn towards RTX 30 series laptops, does that mean we can expect to see a shortage of these laptops in the future like we did with GPUs? More importantly, will computer makers do anything about it, or is it just business for them as per usual? We’ll have to wait and see.

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