While our digital cameras are more than capable of recording videos, sometimes they lack certain features that professional videographers might need, which is why camcorders still exist. If you are looking for a camcorder, one that isn’t too big or bulky, Sony could have something for you.

In a tweet by Nokishita, a photo of the upcoming Sony FX3 has been leaked online. For those unfamiliar, Sony’s FX series is part of their lineup of camcorders which the company refers to as their Cinema Line. They range in sizes from being relatively small to big, but the FX3 is taking things one step further with its design.

As you can see in the photo, the FX3 looks nothing like the rest of the FX lineup, save for maybe the finish. It is shaped more like a compact camera, except that it will support E-mount lenses, but otherwise it looks pretty compact. This isn’t a bad thing since we imagine that some might appreciate the small form factor, which means that it might be aimed at a different audience than the other FX cameras.

There is no word on when the camera will be officially announced, but given the leak, it probably won’t be too long until Sony takes the wraps off.

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