Twitch is a popular platform where people can live stream themselves doing all kinds of things (within ToS, of course). Usually we associate Twitch with gaming, but there are other categories as well. More recently though, a streamer called Wang Yiming from Taiwan has made waves when her stream of her sleeping managed to net her $3,000 in donations.

Wang, a former member of Malaysian pop group AMOi-AMOi and who is now based in Taiwan, turned on her stream at around 5pm. However, instead of her usual stream, viewers instead found Wang getting ready for bed where she put on an eye mask and took a five hour nap until about 10pm.

It seems a bit strange, but this stream managed to attract thousands of viewers, with it peaking at 11,200 concurrent viewers. During the time she was sleeping, it seems that this stream was entertaining or interesting enough where she managed to earn $3,000 in donations and advertising revenue.

Despite her doing quite literally nothing, Wang’s stream actually helped propel her to the position of the top streamer in Taiwan for those five hours. Like we said, it seems like a weird thing that people would want to watch, let alone donate money to, but it does show that live streams are indeed the popular thing to do these days and it is possible to make a living doing it.

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