One of the reasons why mechanical keyboards aren’t a present in laptops is because of the design of the switch that is simply too bulky for a lot of laptops. Sure, there are some laptops that do feature mechanical keyboards, but for the most part they still tend to feel rather bulky because even though it uses a low-profile switch, it still isn’t exactly very flat/thin.

This is something that Cherry is hoping to change as the company has since taken the wraps off its brand new Cherry MX Ultra Low Profile keyboard switch. As you can see in the diagram above, the MX Ultra Low Profile switch seems to be almost on par with a regular laptop keyboard design. It is also a little over a third the height of a low profile switch, and almost six times flatter than a regular MX style switch.

However, given its size, is it able to retain the same mechanical feeling that we know and love? According to Cherry, “The CHERRY MX Ultra Low Profile lacks the traditional housing and plunger components. Instead, it relies on a two-piece keycap mount made of stainless steel, which is preloaded via a spring and is an element of the mechanics. This implementation allows for an extremely precise actuation.”

The company claims that the switch will also offer physical feedback and also an audible click when typing. We can’t speak to how the switch feels since we have yet to try it ourselves, but Cherry states that the new MX Ultra Low Profile switches will be making its way into some of Alienware’s new laptops, so that might be worth checking out.

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