Laptops can get hot. This is because of their size in which they tend to focus more on portability, which in turn means that manufacturers try to make them as compact as possible, which leaves little room for cooling compared to a desktop PC with a tower case that has considerably better airflow.

However, Apple seems to be working on various ways to address this. As discovered by Patently Apple, they have come across a patent from Apple in which the company seems to have designed a laptop that comes with extendable feet. Right now, the feet of Apple’s MacBooks are pretty much fixed.

However, the idea in the patent suggests that these feet could be changed in such a way that it could make it extend and retract upon command. By lifting the laptop above the surface, it would allow for better airflow underneath the laptop, which in turn would help to keep it cooler especially during more intense usage.

It even suggests that this could be an automated feature, where depending on the internal temperature and the speed of the fans, the laptop’s feet could be extended automatically when it thinks it might need that extra cooling. Apple notes that this would allow for better airflow without having to redesign the thermals of the laptop.

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