One of the features of Facebook is the ability to react to posts. This means that instead of merely “liking” a post, users will be able to react with a laughing emoji, shocked emoji, angry emoji, and so on. This is to allow people to get a better idea of what kind of post this might be. Now it looks like Twitter could be interested in something similar as well.


According to a report from TechCrunch, Twitter has recently sent out a survey asking users to choose between different sets of emojis, which they have referred to as “reaction sets”. This led to speculation that Twitter could be introducing a similar reaction feature like Facebook. Twitter has since confirmed that this is something they’re exploring, but stopped short of confirming if this is something that will eventually be implemented.

According to a Twitter spokesperson, “We’re exploring additional ways for people to express themselves in conversations happening on Twitter.” This is not the first time Twitter has changed the way users can react to posts. During the earlier days, Twitter used stars as a way for users to “like” (or favorite) a post.

They eventually replaced it with a heart, which was initially not very well-received by Twitter users. We’re not sure if these reactions will have similar backlash, but it’s not a bad idea though, although there is no word on when exactly it will be implemented, if at all.

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