If you have a simple name, Google Assistant generally has no problems pronouncing it. However, if you have a more unique name, the way  Google Assistant pronounces it is obviously different from how you would, especially if they are an ethnic name that might not necessarily be pronounced a particular way in English.

Google recognizes this and in a recent update to Google Assistant, the company has made some changes that will make name pronunciation better. According to Google, “Starting over the next few days, you can teach Google Assistant to enunciate and recognize names of your contacts the way you pronounce them. Assistant will listen to your pronunciation and remember it, without keeping a recording of your voice. This means Assistant will be able to better understand you when you say those names, and also be able to pronounce them correctly.”

In addition to being able to better pronounce names, Google has also updated Google Assistant where the digital assistant will be better at natural conversations. This means that when you fumble during a command, like using words such as “uh” or “umm”, Google Assistant will still understand the point you’re trying to make and can filter past those words.

Since we use those filler words a lot in real life conversations, it will make conversations with Google Assistant feel more natural and less robotic. These changes should already be rolling out as we speak, so do keep an eye out for it.

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