When it comes to cooling down a computer, there are a couple of ways to go about it. One of which is using fans, but sometimes fans aren’t enough when it comes to more intensive tasks, which is why some higher-end and more powerful computers and servers have to rely on liquid cooling.


We’re sure that many of you have seen liquid cooling before, but Microsoft has taken the concept to a whole new level by actually submerging their datacenter servers into a liquid that helps keep them cool. Now obviously the liquid used here isn’t water, but it is fluid that Microsoft claims is actually harmless to electronic equipment.

The liquid has a boiling point of 122F, about 90F lower than that of water, which means that it can reach its boiling point faster. The servers are stored in a tank where the fluid upon reaching its boiling point, will have the steam hit a cooling condenser in the tank’s lid, transforming it back into liquid and rain back down on the servers, which Microsoft says helps to create a closed loop cooling system.

It should be noted that this method of cooling isn’t new by any means, but Microsoft claims that they are “the first cloud provider that is running two-phase immersion cooling in a production environment”.

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