In order to make self-driving cars work, these cars usually come with a host of sensors and cameras that attempt to “see” the road, analyze it, look out for obstacles, and so on. This is what helps self-driving cars stay in their lane and avoid getting into accidents. However, the tech is far from perfect yet, which is why in some cases, self-driving cars can behave a bit erratically.

So much so that in Canada, the RCMP pulled over a car that they thought housed a drunk driver, only to find out that the occupants inside were actually testing out the car’s self-driving capabilities. The police pulled the car over after they spotted it driving around awkwardly on a route in Willis Road, where they reported that the car seemed to be bouncing along the lines of the road like a drunk person would.

However, they later discovered that this erratic driving was due to the car’s self-driving feature. Speaking to the Vancouver Island Free Daily, Const. Maury Tyre said, “Drivers need to understand that they are responsible for what their vehicle is doing. There simply are no exceptions to this rule. If you wish to try out the new bells and whistles in your vehicle, an empty parking lot is going to be a lot safer than a public roadway, but even still, you are responsible for your vehicle.”

It is unclear if the car being driven was having its self-driving capabilities tested out by a company, or if it was simply regular folks who just wanted to see what all the fuss is about. The report does not go into details about this or what kind of car it was.

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