A lot of online games face the same problem – player toxicity. This is a problem that we imagine will never go away, but developers can take active steps to try and reduce it to a minimum, which is what Riot is hoping to do with Valorant. The company has announced a new initiative which involves the recording of voice chats.

In an updated privacy policy, the company will now be able to record voice chats made in the game. However, Riot says that they will only listen to recorded chats if a report has been filed, meaning that these chats will be used as evidence should a player file a report against another player for harassment.

While the system is still being developed, Riot made the announcement to give its community a heads up. They will be launching it in beta in North America first before moving to other regions and other languages. Note that this only applies to the in-game system, meaning that if you don’t want to have your chats logged, then you’ll have to use a third-party service like Discord.

However, we suppose given that Riot is putting this system in place, more players might be inclined to use the game’s in-game voice chat as it might give them a sense of security and puts them at ease because they know there is evidence should other players start harassing them.

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