Back in November 2020, Sony officially released the PS5 console. This is the latest console in the PlayStation lineup and unsurprisingly it has proven to be quite a hit. In fact, according to Sony’s latest financials, the company has revealed that to date, they have managed to sell a grand total of 7.8 million PS5 units.

This is very impressive because like we said, the console was released last November and we’re still in April, meaning that the company has managed to sell an average of a little over 1 million PS5s every month. Also what’s impressive is that Sony is still struggling to meet the demand for the console, suggesting that they are pretty much selling through their stock whenever it becomes available.

To give you some context, the PS4 managed to rack up over 110 million units sold in its lifetime, so it looks like the PS5 is well on its way. The Xbox One on the other hand did not fare quite as well at over 40 million, with the Nintendo Switch actually beating it out with close to 80 million units sold so far.

That being said, it will be interesting to see how Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Series S does in comparison. Will Microsoft be able to redeem themselves and offer a much closer match with their new consoles, or will Sony once again pull ahead?

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