When it comes to smartphone warranty, the standard we’re seeing around the world is usually 1-2 years. You can buy additional coverage and expand on that, but 1-2 years is pretty much the standard we can expect. However, for those living in Spain, there is good news because thanks to a new law, warranties for phones have been extended to three years.

This is according to a report from iPadizate who reports that Spain’s Council of Ministers have recently approved a new regulation that is expected to become law soon. This new law, when it comes into effect, will affect warranties on a variety of mobile devices and will basically try to protect consumer rights.

Other consumer rights and protections introduced will also force companies to make spare parts available for a product for a minimum of 10 years. This is double the previous duration of 5 years, which means that even if your five year old device is spoilt and you need parts to fix it, the company should legally still be able to provide you with the necessary parts.

Of course, we’re not sure how many people would continue to bother repairing a device that’s ten years old, but we suppose at the very least the option is there. Also, we’re not sure if these changes will prompt similar changes in other countries, but for now those living in Spain will be able to enjoy these new protections.

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