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Google has many ways of letting users discover the news, such as through its Discover feed, but it has never really felt particularly intrusive and users for the most part could always choose to ignore it.

However, a report from Android Police has discovered some upcoming changes to Chrome for mobile that will make news articles a lot more prominent by placing them front and center whenever you open a new tab, as you can see in the screenshot above.

We haven’t tried this feature ourselves but it appears there is a Settings icon which hopefully will give users the option of turning it off. This might be important as sometimes we don’t always want news articles in our face when we’re just trying to browse the web.

This also seems to be part of Google’s efforts at making news articles easier to discover. Recently it was reported that Google was testing out a “follow” button for websites that would let you get updates in a feed-like format whenever something new has been posted. These changes aren’t live yet and have to be manually enabled by typing “chrome://flags/#enable-start-surface” into the URL bar, but what do you think? Is this a change that you think will be for the better?

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