We’re sure that we’ve all had some kind of experience when we hand someone our phone to look at photos and they scroll too far back or forward and come across photos that they shouldn’t see. It can be awkward, but the good news for Google Photos users is that Google will soon be introducing a new private folder feature.

According to Google, this will be known as the Locked Folder. As its name suggests, this will create a folder that’s password protected so that only you can access it. Users can also add photos to the Locked Folder and what this means is that whenever someone else goes through your photos, it won’t show up in your camera roll if it is placed inside the Locked Folder, so you don’t have to worry about any awkward moments.

Unfortunately, it seems that Google will be favoring its Pixel phones first. The company says that the feature will launch on their Pixel handsets first (they didn’t say when) before it launches on other devices. It’s a bit of a bummer for those of us who don’t have Pixel phones, but we suppose that’s one of the perks to owning one.

Given that Google Photos free unlimited storage will be ending soon, perhaps this Locked Folder feature could be a good way to get users to keep using Google Photos and maybe even pay for more storage space.

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