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Google Details Some Of The Cool Features That Will Be Coming To Google Maps
Google Maps already does a pretty good job at finding routes for you, but this doesn’t mean that Google should rest on their laurels. Hardly. In fact, during Google I/O 2021, the company took the opportunity to announce a bunch of cool exciting features that they will soon be bringing to Google Maps.

Project Starline Ultra-Real Video Chat Is Google’s Coolest Project
There are a few constants in the universe, like the speed of light, but you would not expect the “average laptop webcam quality” to be so constant that it has barely evolved for years.2020 made it painfully evident that video communication needs a massive revamp, and PC OEMs like Lenovo have slowly improved that.

Google+Samsung = Next-Gen Wear (OS)
Samsung and Google (+Fitbit) join forces to make Wear (OS) better at Google I/O. The announcement was mostly about two giant and influential companies “joining forces” to produce a “unified platform” that combines “the best of Wear and Tizen” – Tizen is Samsung’s proprietary OS, and Wear is Google’s OS for wearable devices.The presentation did not show any tangible items for the next version of Wear, but it shows that […]

Google Photos Will Soon Get A Folder That Keeps Your Private Photos Safe
We’re sure that we’ve all had some kind of experience when we hand someone our phone to look at photos and they scroll too far back or forward and come across photos that they shouldn’t see. It can be awkward, but the good news for Google Photos users is that Google will soon be introducing a new private folder feature.


Chromebook Users Will Soon Be Able To Access Photos From Their Android Phone
Apple’s ecosystem is so tightly integrated that users can move between devices with ease. They can easily cast videos from their iPhone to the Apple TV, share clipboards across devices, transfer files between the iPhone and a Mac wirelessly, and also sync photos, contacts, calendar events, and more.

Google Wants To Use AI To Help Your Phone Diagnose Skin Conditions
Our smartwatches are getting better at detecting various health conditions, like our blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and so on, but what about our smartphones? Our smartphones possess incredible processing capabilities, so why not apply that for medical or health purposes, right?

Samsung Isn’t Giving Up On Tizen Just Yet
At Google I/O 2021, Google made a rather surprising announcement in which they revealed that they would be working together with Samsung to overhaul Wear OS. The end result is a “new” platform called Google Wear. While Samsung did not confirm anything, it seems that a recent rumor about Samsung moving to Google Wear for their next smartwatch actually makes more sense now.

Android 12 Beta Is Now Available For Download
Android 12 has been available as a developer preview for a while now, but in case you’re not a developer but you’re still curious as to what kind of changes you can expect, you’re in luck because Google has announced that the Android 12 beta is now available to download if you’re interested.

Google And Samsung Team Up To Revamp Wear OS
A recent rumor has made claims that for Samsung’s next smartwatch, instead of using Tizen, Samsung could instead be turning to Google’s Wear OS. It seems like the rumors were kind of right, except that this is more than just Samsung using Google’s wearable platform. At I/O 2021, Google announced a partnership with Samsung that would essentially overhaul Wear OS.

Google Teases ‘Significant’ Announcements At I/O 2021
Earlier this month, Google confirmed that I/O would be returning this year. Given that last year Google skipped out on the event, many are no doubt eager to see the event return, even if it is being held online. It looks like Google is equally eager because according to the company’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, he is promising “significant” announcements at the event.

Google I/O 2021 Confirmed For May 18-20
Every year without fail, Google hosts an event aimed at developers in the form of Google I/O.  However, last year was an exception where due to the coronavirus pandemic, Google had cancelled the event entirely. The company had initially planned to just cancel the in-person event, but it was ultimately scrapped.

Google I/O 2020 Has Been Completely Cancelled
As the coronavirus outbreak worsens, companies have been cancelling their events that involve large gatherings. Earlier this month, Google announced that they too will be cancelling Google I/O 2020, or at least the physical version of the event. However, the company also hinted that they would be looking at ways to maybe host the event digitally and online.

Google I/O 2020’s Physical Event Has Been Cancelled
It’s starting to look like a lot of major tech events could be in trouble this year. MWC was already cancelled and Facebook recently announced that their F8 conference is also not taking place this year. Now it looks like Google has decided to cancel the physical event for Google I/O 2020 that should have taken place later this year.

Qualcomm Announces Smart Headset Platform At Google I/O
Qualcomm is rolling out the QCC5100 Series processor aimed at smart headsets at Google I/O to help hardware vendors build product faster and better.

Android Q Will Kill The Back Button In Favor Of Gestures
One of the main differences between iOS and Android is the way users interact with their phones. For example, a lot of Android phones come with on-screen buttons or soft keys for going home, accessing the menu, or going back. This is versus iOS where the newer iPhone models essentially rely on gestures for navigation.

Google I/O Registration Now Open, Will Cost $1,150 For A Ticket
Google I/O 2019 will be kicking off in the next few months and we expect that Google will more than a few announcements, such as a new version of Android, updates to Chrome OS, new products and services, and so on. It is definitely an event to look out for, but in case streaming the event live from the comfort of your own home isn’t good enough, how about purchasing […]

Google Maps Wants To Offer More Than Just Directions
Google Maps is probably known by many as a navigational app where users can use it when driving to find their way to their destination. It can also be used when walking about, and in some countries Google Maps can also be used to help find train/bus departure times, where it leaves from, and so on.

Google’s Gboard Will Soon Support Morse Code
There are many forms of communication, some of which we take for granted sometimes, such as talking, writing with our hands, and typing with our fingers. However like we said sometimes we take such methods of communication for granted as there are others out there who unfortunately do not possess the means to communicate as such.

Google News Could See A Major Revamp At I/O 2018
According to recent rumors, Apple is looking to revamp its news service but it seems that they might not be alone in doing this. A report from AdAge (via 9to5Google) has revealed that Google has similar plans as well and that their news revamp could be taking place very soon at I/O 2018.

Google Has Already Begun Teasing For I/O 2018
As expected Google will be hosting its I/O event again this year, as they have for the past several years, and typically it is held close to the middle of the year. However it looks like Google has decided to start the teasing leading up to the event, thanks to a report from 9to5Google who spotted the tweet.