One of the hot new features of Apple’s new iPad Pro is the introduction of mini LED displays, which in this case Apple has taken to brand as Liquid Retina XDR. While most reviews heap praise on the display and the more contrasty colors it offers thanks to the use of the technology, many have pointed out a problem and that is blooming.

For those who are unfamiliar with the concept of blooming, this is basically where the light from the lit up areas of the display “bleed” into its surroundings, creating a blooming-like effect, or like a glow around the lit up areas. An Apple support document claims that the effects should be minimal, but photos of the iPad Pro people are posting online tell a very different story.

In this case, it is very obvious that the blooming effect is more than minimal and you don’t really need to be particularly tech savvy to realize that something seems a bit off. Twitter user Josh Teder even claims that mini LED could even be a transitional technology as Apple eventually makes the change to OLED, but that’s just speculation.

In any case, it is unclear what Apple can do here. It seems to be mostly a hardware thing meaning that we’re not sure if a software update could fix it. Blooming isn’t necessarily a bad thing and seems to be mostly noticeable on very dark backgrounds, but it is disappointing for a tablet of this price to have these kinds of issues.

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