hackThere are all kinds of scams making their rounds, whether it be through the phone, email, fake websites, and more. For the most part, identifying a scam isn’t too hard and ignoring them is generally pretty easy, but it seems that ignoring the problem won’t make it go away so why not go straight to the source, right?

That seems to be the idea that Japan has because over in Nagoya, the city has announced a new program called Operation Pretend to Be Fooled (presumably it’s been translated from Japanese). The idea is that people who come across the “ore ore scam”, one of the oldest scams in Japan, are rewarded if they manage to draw the scammer out.

If their cooperation leads to the successful identification of the scammer, the original target of the scam will be given a reward of 10,000 yen (give or take $100). For those who are unfamiliar, the “ore ore scam” is where the victim receives a phone call and the scammer pretends they are someone the victim has met before.

They will then attempt to convince the victim that they are in trouble and need their help, like being transferred money ASAP. This scam has been making its rounds for a very long time and like we said, ignoring it simply means the scammer moves onto their next target. At least with this bounty program, people now have an incentive to try and help the police take these scammers down.

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