Apple’s brand new iPad Pro sounds like a beast on paper. It is powered by the M1 chipset used in last year’s MacBook Air, Mac mini, and MacBook Pro computers, and it also comes with support for up to 16GB of RAM, as much as a laptop. However, it seems that even with 16GB of RAM, developers are still facing limitations.

In a post on the Procreate forums, the developer of Artstudio Pro revealed that the iPad Pro will cap developers at using up to 5GB of RAM, meaning that even if you have an iPad Pro with 16GB of RAM, you won’t be able to find an app that can take advantage of all that memory.

According to the developer, “There is a big problem with M1 iPad Pro. After making stress test and other tests on new M1 iPad Pro with 16GB or RAM, it turned out that app can use ONLY 5GB or RAM! If we allocate more, app crashes. It is only 0.5GB more that in old iPads with 6GB of RAM! I suppose it isn’t better on iPad with 8GB.”

We’re not sure why Apple is limiting apps to just 5GB of RAM. Perhaps they don’t want apps that are too resource intensive which could limit its audience. Imagine an app that requires 10GB of RAM and you have an older iPad, you’d be out of luck. That being said, the 16GB of RAM isn’t “wasted” as it means that apps can stay open in the background longer so that users won’t have to wait so long for it to reload when they switch back and forth.

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