Apple’s MacBook Air laptops, ever since the lineup was introduced, has been Apple’s entry-level laptop to the MacBook lineup. As such, they aren’t exactly the most powerful laptops in the world, but they’re usually more than capable of getting the job done for regular day-to-day kind of activities and tasks.

However, a report from Mark Gurman over at Bloomberg claims that this could change in an upcoming model. Gurman says that Apple is reportedly working on a higher-end MacBook Air that will feature an improved version of the M1 that will also feature better graphics, up to 10 graphics cores apparently.

As to what this “improved” version of the M1 means, it seems that this will be a variant of the M1 where it will feature the same number of computing cores, but will run faster. Exactly how much faster is anyone’s guess, but it definitely needs to be an improvement over the current model if Apple hopes to make a compelling case.

Right now it is a bit unclear how Apple will approach its Apple Silicon chipsets in terms of upgrades. With Intel, you had your i3, i5, i7, and i9 models that offered different performance. You also had different generations which also affected performance and efficiency. As the M1 is the first of its kind, the future of the lineup is a bit unclear so we’ll have to wait for Apple to make an announcement before we can get a better idea.

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