Say your iPhone dropped into water like at a canal, what are you going to do? You could call it a day and chalk it up as a loss, or you could dive in and try to find it. However, the latter might be a bit dangerous, so a friend of app developer Frederik Riedel came up with a pretty clever idea – MagSafe.

The iPhone 12 series comes with support for MagSafe which is Apple’s wireless charging solution. According to the story told by Riedel, the friend attempted to go into the canal and waded through 3 feet of mud with no success, and later came up with the idea to use a magnet to try and fish the phone out.

They attached a magnet to a fishing rod and line and it was lowered into the same area of the canal that the iPhone fell into, and sure enough, it managed to hook onto the magnets on the iPhone which would have been used for MagSafe. The phone, apart from being a bit dirty, was still working fine and even had a full charge despite being underwater for hours.

While it was recently reported that MagSafe might pose a low risk for those with implanted medical devices, it seems that in this instance, it proved to be very useful. So the next time you lose your iPhone 12, this could be one way to fish it out of the water.

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