It’s no secret that Microsoft Flight Simulator is a huge download of a game. It is understandable given all the assets like high-resolution textures and models which is what makes it so great. However, we also understand that for some, the 170+GB download can be rather off-putting, which is why there is good news.


For those who were put off by the massive download that could easily bust through your internet data cap, Microsoft has managed to patch the game in such a way that the download size of the game has been shrunk from 170GB down to just 83GB, reducing its size by more than 50%! Microsoft did not detail the changes they made, except to say that they made some “optimizations”.

The game on Steam will be around 700MB, but that’s pretty much just for the launcher. The actual game itself will come in at over 80GB, but still, it is very impressive indeed. Games these days are most definitely seeing a rise in terms of download size and install size, but like we said, the improved graphics, the high-res textures, support for 4K resolutions and more all play a role in that.

In addition to reducing the download size, the patch will also make changes to the game in terms of navigation, weather, planes, bug fixes, and more.

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