Last week, Microsoft announced that they will be making changes to the cut they get from developers from the Microsoft Store. Instead of a more traditional 70-30 split where Microsoft gets 30%, they will be changing it to a 88-12 split, meaning that Microsoft will now take a 12% cut.

This is good news for developers and we can only assume that this is how Microsoft is trying to court more developers to the Microsoft Store. However, for developers hoping that this will apply to the Xbox store, no such luck. In a statement to The Verge, Microsoft says that they have no plans to change the revenue share for console games at this time.

This is actually a bit surprising as many had thought Microsoft would apply the same split to the Xbox store as they did with the Microsoft Store, but apparently not. It also comes on the heels of court documents in the Apple VS Epic trial where it was revealed that Microsoft was actually planning something similar for the Xbox store.

The company has since declined to comment on whether or not the document was either inaccurate or if their plans have simply changed. Either way, for developers looking to sell their games through the Xbox store, the cut will remain the same, at least for now.

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