One of the ways Twitch streamers can make money is through subscriptions, where people can subscribe to their channel for a monthly fee. Twitch then takes a cut and the rest goes to the streamer. For the most part, the cost of these subscriptions aren’t prohibitively expensive, but due to things like inflation, it can feel a bit expensive for some.

The good news is that Twitch has since announced that in order to better reflect the cost of living in some countries, they will be lowering the cost of subscriptions for certain parts of the world. For example over in Mexico, the cost of a Twitch sub has been reduced to 48 Pesos a month, which is roughly $2.40 and is about half of what it would have normally cost.

Over in Turkey, it has dropped even lower where it will be 9.90 TRY which is about $1.20. The changes are expected to apply to other regions like Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East in the third quarter this year. This is good news for those who are watching streams in other countries who might find the $5 price tag a bit too expensive.

Obviously this means that streamers will ultimately take home less money, but Twitch has stated that they will cover all of the channel’s baseline subscription revenue for three months and gradually lower the payments over nine months to help ease streamers into their newer earnings.

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