If there is a reason why we don’t see all devices and computers rely on USB-C for power, it is because the current standard of USB-C tops out at 100W. This is usually more than enough to power things like smartphones and tablets and some laptops, but for more power-hungry gadgets, not so much.

However, that will change soon because the USB Implementers Forum, the group that develops the technology, has unveiled the version 2.1 update to the USB-C specification. In this new update, it will increase the power output up to 240W. This means that more powerful devices like gaming laptops, docking stations, printers, and more can take advantage of USB-C for power.

This is no doubt good news because it means that we have to deal with less cable variants which can be troublesome. It could also help reduce electronic waste because if you have a USB-C cable at home, you can just use that instead of having to buy a separate one. To help differentiate the new USB-C cables from the older models, manufacturers will have to include specific icons on them.

This is similar to how USB-A cables were differentiated last time between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, where the latter had a blue inner lining. We’re not sure when we will start seeing this new USB-C standard implemented, but we can’t wait for that future to arrive.

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