Browsers like Google’s Chrome are widely used but one of the problems with Chrome is that because it is owned by Google, it isn’t exactly the most private browser. Sure, there are a ton of conveniences associated with Chrome, especially if you have a Google account, but at the same time, are these conveniences worth your privacy?


For those who might want a more privacy focused alternative, you might be interested to learn that Brave has announced its Brave Search engine is now available in beta and will be included in its own browser as one of the options that users can choose from. The company promises privacy features such as no tracking or profiling of users; its own search index so that it doesn’t have to pull data from other providers; and they promise to be transparent about their algorithms to prevent biased search results.

According to Brendan Eich, CEO and co-founder of Brave, “Unlike older search engines that track and profile users, and newer search engines that are mostly a skin on older engines and don’t have their own indexes, Brave Search offers a new way to get relevant results with a community-powered index, while guaranteeing privacy.”

Now, it might be a tall order to take on a giant such as Google whose foundation was built on its search engine’s prowess, but in this day and age where people are demanding better privacy protection, maybe they could be onto something.

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