Given that Google is behind Android, you would think that features for its services and products would be made available for Android first. However, in some instances, Google actually brings some features over to iOS, like its Chrome shortcuts widget which according to a report from Chrome Story, is being tested for Android right now.

Basically what this widget does is that it places a search bar on your home screen along with several tiles, which at the moment aren’t working. The widget is being referred to as the Quick Action Search Widget and assuming it is similar to the version on iOS, what it does is that it will let you search and access certain Chrome shortcuts from the home screen itself instead of users having to launch the app.

As Chrome Story points out, there is a chance it could be the widgets version of search query tiles that Google is currently testing on its home page. This means that you could tap on tiles to quickly access recent search queries, pick up where you left off, commonly visited websites, and more.

However, since it doesn’t seem to be working yet we aren’t quite sure how it will work. We’re not sure when Google plans to implement it, but if you’re looking for more Chrome shortcuts to use, then this might be something to keep an eye out for.

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