Want to help raise funds for someone or people that are in need? In the past, you might have to turn to platforms like Gofundme for group funding, but for those who prefer using Instagram, it seems that the platform has rolled out a new group fundraising feature that will help you raise money on a larger scale.

According to Instagram, offline fundraising is usually done as a group, listing examples like charity bake sales, concerts, and more, so the idea of this feature is to channel that spirit of offline funding and to put it online. This might be useful, especially for people with larger followings, to reach more people with their fundraisers.

This is because sometimes linking to an external fundraiser might put people off from doing so, especially if it means having to sign up for a new platform, so this should help remove some of those barriers. This isn’t the first time Instagram has looked into fundraising. The company had previously released stickers for Stories that let people donate.

However, this group fundraiser tool will let you invite group members to the fundraiser making it easier to launch group fundraising events. Instagram says that they will not be taking a cut from the funds that you raise and all money raised will be going to the nonprofit of your choice.

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