Similar to how Facebook reminds users to posts or photos they made on a certain day from a certain number of years ago, iOS has such a feature too in the form of Memories. It’s great if you want to reminisce about the good old days, but what if there are awkward photos like maybe a breakup from two years ago?

While iOS is not a social network and your photos won’t be seen by anyone else, Apple is still trying to give users a bit more control over it. In iOS 15, Apple will allow users to remove people or photos from your Memories. It won’t delete the photos, but it will stop them from showing up to help you avoid awkward moments and painful memories.

This will come in the form of two new options – Remove from Feature Photos and Feature This Person Less. Both seem rather straightforward, although we’re not sure exactly how much less is “less” according to Apple, but it might be worth a shot if you’re hoping to never see that photo again (but still want to keep a copy of it anyway).

Prior to this, iOS 14 had the option to allow users to feature a day or place less, so this expands on that by allowing users to target specific photos and people who are tagged in those photos.

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