The iPhone 13 will be launching later this year and for some, it might be the upgrade they’ve been waiting for, but for others, they might be sitting out on it. This is because according to a survey conducted by SellCell, almost 20% of those surveyed seem to suggest that they might sit out on this upgrade because of superstition.


The number “13” is generally considered bad luck in western culture, which is why some hotels or buildings you visit do not have a 13th floor, instead renaming it to 12A or something similar. The survey went on to ask what the new iPhone should be called, in which many seemed to think that calling it just “iPhone” was fine.

To be fair, we’re not sure we ever really thought about this. The only other smartphone maker to reach these many phones would be Samsung, but following the Galaxy S10, the company opted to go with the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S21, presumably to coincide with the years the phones launched in. Apple has not gone down that route but we have to wonder if maybe they might be superstitious enough to skip the iPhone 13 naming for something else.

That being said, what’s interesting about this is that while 13 is considered unlucky in western culture, Asia culture, especially Chinese, consider it to be lucky.

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