The first-gen iPhone was launched back in 2007. This means that it is 13-14 years old which is considered to be practically ancient by tech standards. Phones have come a very, very long way since then in terms of performance, battery efficiency, display technology, and so on, but it’s hard to measure these kinds of progressions since they happen over a long period of time.

However, if you are curious as to how far Apple has come in terms of performance, the folks at PhoneBuff have put together a video demonstrating the performance difference between the original iPhone and Apple’s latest iPhone, the iPhone 12. You probably wouldn’t even need to watch the video to guess which phone “won”, but it’s interesting to see anyway.

Now, it goes without saying that the iPhone 12 completely crushed the original iPhone in terms of speed. When you look at the specs comparison, the first-gen iPhone had a single-core processor and only 128MB of RAM, versus the 6-core processor and 4GB of RAM in the iPhone 12.

The resolution has also jumped massively from a 320×480 display to that of a 2532×1170 display. While it’s clearly not a fair comparison between both models, it might still be a fun watch if you have about 5 minutes or so to spare.

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