Throughout Windows 10’s lifecycle, Microsoft has released multiple updates to the operating system. The company had initially planned to release two major updates a year, a rather ambitious undertaking, but unfortunately more than a few updates came with their fair share of issues.

That being said, it seems that Microsoft might have learnt their lesson with Windows 10 because for Windows 11, the company will be toning down their ambitions and release one major update a year instead. The company will still push out monthly updates for security and bug fixes, but as far as major updates are concerned, this will be an annual affair.

It might seem like a bad thing to only release one major update, but honestly, we’d much rather have a stable operating system that does what it’s supposed to do, rather than a fancy-looking one with features that don’t really work and come with performance issues and bugs that might hinder our day-to-day work.

Windows 11 is expected to be released later this year where it will be a free update for those with Windows 10. The rollout will begin towards the holiday season and will continue in 2022. Some features we can expect include the ability to run Android apps thanks to Microsoft’s partnership with Amazon and the Appstore.

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