These days, we’re starting to see more monitors come with higher refresh rates. A feature that used to be more or less exclusive to gaming displays has become more common even for non-gamers, but one of the problems with high refresh rates, especially on laptops, is that it can be a bit of a battery drain.

This is why one of the new features we can expect to see in Windows 11 is a dynamic refresh rate. As part of the Windows 11 Insider preview, Microsoft has announced the new Dynamic Refresh Rate (DRR) feature that will automatically adjust the refresh rate of your display based on what’s going on.

This means that for more mundane activities that involve relatively static images, like when you’re composing a document or an email, the refresh rate will be lowered to 60Hz, but when you’re scrolling or playing games, it will increase to 120Hz. Of course, this is all dependent on whether or not your display supports a higher refresh rate to begin with since it won’t magically make a 60Hz display a 120Hz one.

It also seems that you will need a GPU that supports dynamic refresh rates, so the requirements do seem a bit high, but for those with eligible laptops, this could be something to look forward to in the future.

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