DuckDuckGo bills itself as being a more privacy-focused alternative to Google, and now it seems that the company is looking to expand on the privacy features that they offer to users by announcing its Email Protection feature, which Apple users might already be familiar with as it is similar in concept to Hide My Email.

For those unfamiliar, Apple’s Hide My Email is a feature that lets users hide their email by generating a forwarding email address. This means that whenever you sign up for something, you can use that email address instead so that your real email address will be hidden, perfect for stopping junk and newsletters and also providing you with a bit of privacy.

This is a similar concept of DuckDuckGo’s Email Protection where users can create a free email address and have emails forwarded to your “real” email. DuckDuckGo also says that emails sent will have trackers removed. So why use this instead of Apple’s Hide My Email?

For starters, Email Protection is cross platform meaning that you can sign up and use it even if you’re not an Apple user. DuckDuckGo’s Email Protection will work across browser extensions and apps, so you can ensure your privacy regardless of the device you use. That being said, Email Protection is currently in beta so it isn’t open to the masses yet, but you can sign up to be part of the beta if you’re interested.

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