The problem with games is that as technology gets more advanced, the requirements for these games get higher as well. This means that eventually your brand new top-of-the-line computer or phone will no longer be able to play certain games as smoothly as it used to back when it was still new.

This is why cloud gaming could be the way of the future, where the bulk of the processing is done in the cloud on a server somewhere, thus helping make games easier to play for the masses. If you’re an iPhone user, then you might be interested to learn that Facebook has launched its cloud gaming service for iPhones.

It also seems that Facebook will be going the same route as other cloud gaming services for iOS devices, in which it will only be accessible through a web app. This is because while Apple has relaxed some of its restrictions for streaming apps, it is still restrictive enough where it might not be worth the effort, especially when you can sort of skirt around those restrictions by enabling it through the web.

Even Facebook agrees where according to Facebook’s vice president of gaming, Vivek Sharma, “As many have pointed out, Apple’s policy to ‘allow’ cloud games on the App Store doesn’t allow for much at all. Apple’s requirement for each cloud game to have its own page, go through review, and appear in search listings defeats the purpose of cloud gaming. These roadblocks mean players are prevented from discovering new games, playing cross-device, and accessing high-quality games instantly in native iOS apps — even for those who aren’t using the latest and most expensive devices.”

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