With the pandemic raging last year, we started to see a rise and shift in video conferencing apps and platforms. Google was one of those who took advantage of the situation to try and promote its own video conferencing platform, Google Meet. The company initially removed the 60 minute limit for free users back in April 2020, and kept extending it.

The last time it was extended it to June 30, 2021, but we haven’t heard anything since. What this means is that if you’ve been using Google Meet, you might want to keep an eye out on how long your virtual meetings run for. This is because if you’re a free Gmail user, your Google Meet sessions that involve multiple participants will now be capped at 60 minutes.

Google says they will notify users at the 55 minute mark that the call is about to end. Users can start the call again but given how disruptive that process usually is, it’s easy to see why some might just prefer signing up for an upgraded (and paid) Google account. However, this only applies to calls that involve three or more participants.

If you’re using Google Meet to call someone one-on-one, those calls are unlimited and can run 24 hours if you so choose to. That being said, 60 minutes is generally more than enough and like we said, you can always start the call again if you need to extend it further, but it’s something to take note of.

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