As some of you might have heard, recently a bug in iOS was discovered in which if you were to join a WiFi network that had %p or %s in its name, it could end up disabling your iPhone’s WiFi. It was later discovered that in some cases, users might even need to factory reset their iPhones to get it working again.

While it’s easy to avoid this bug, the fact that it exists poses a problem. The good news is that Apple is aware of it and it seems that come iOS 14.7, it will be fixed. As it stands, iOS 14.6 is the current and latest version of iOS available. This means that whenever iOS 14.7 is released, this issue should be dealt with.

However, we don’t know when iOS 14.7 will be released but given that it is already in beta 5, we imagine that it probably won’t be too long before the final version is made available to the public. This is actually not the first time we’re hearing about weird text and strings causing issues for iOS. Prior to this, there were issues with certain text messages that could cause devices to crash.

So far this seems to be an iOS-only bug because when an Android phone connects to the same network, it doesn’t affect them in a negative way, so Android users don’t need to worry about this being a problem for them.

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