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iOS 14.6 Will Let You Stream Lossless Audio From iPhone To HomePod
Back in May, Apple announced that they would be launching lossless audio for Apple Music. However, it seems that at that time, none of Apple’s devices would actually support lossless playback, although Apple did say that the HomePod would receive an update that would eventually support it.

iOS 14.6 Reportedly Causing Excessive Battery Drain
From time to time, updates to our phones can sometimes cause more problems than it solves. A good example would be the recently released iOS 14.6 for iPhones in which according to a smattering of user reports, it seems that the update is causing excessive battery drain on the iPhones that have updated to it.

iOS Will Be Gaining New Comforting ‘Background Sounds’ Feature
The world around us can sometimes feel a bit too overwhelming, what with people endlessly talking, cars driving by, sirens, and so on. To help promote a bit of peacefulness, Apple has announced that they will soon be bringing a new “Background Sounds” feature to iOS devices as part of an accessibility update.

Apple Pushes Out Fix For Greyed Out Toggle For App Tracking Transparency
About a month ago, Apple released iOS 14.5 in which one of the highly-anticipated features came in the form of App Tracking Transparency. Basically what this does is that it allows users to choose whether or not they want an app to track them. However, for some reason, some users could not toggle the feature on or off as the toggle was greyed out.


96% Of iOS Users Have Opted Out Of App Tracking
Just recently, Apple released the iOS 14.5 update. With the update, Apple has introduced App Tracking Transparency which basically gives users the choice of whether or not they want apps to be able to track them. The feature was actually announced back in 2020 and some companies, such as Facebook, felt that this would be detrimental.

Apple Will Crack Down On Apps That Rewards Users For Enabling Tracking
One of the new features of iOS 14.5 that was released yesterday is App Transparency Tracking. Basically what this does is that it will now prompt users whenever an app wants to track them, and it is up to the user to decide if they want to go ahead and enable tracking for that particular app.

Apple Releases iOS 14.5 Update With App Tracking Transparency
Over the past few months, we have heard bits and pieces of some of the features that Apple is working on in the upcoming iOS 14.5 update. The biggest change, however, will come in the form of app tracking transparency in which it will give users a bit more control over how their apps track them.

Some iPhone 11 Users Are Seeing Increased Battery Health After Battery Recalibration
It was recently discovered that Apple will be including a new battery recalibration tool in iOS 14.5 that will adjust and recalibrate the iPhone’s battery health like maximum capacity and peak performance capability. Now according to various users who are taking part in the iOS 14.5 beta, they are seeing positive results.

Over 90% Of iPhones And iPads Are Running iOS 14
iOS 14 was released over seven months ago in 2020, and it seems that adoption of the latest major build of iOS is going pretty well because according to the data collected by Mixpanel, they have found that iOS 14’s adoption is over 90%. What this means is that over 90% of eligible iPhones and iPads have been updated to the latest version of iOS.

iOS 14.5 Update Will Introduce A Battery Recalibration Tool
From time to time, our devices stop functioning the way they’re supposed to. Sometimes, a reset does the job, but sometimes it might need a little more help. This is something that Apple is looking into for the iPhone’s battery because in the iOS 14.5 update, Apple will introduce a new battery recalibration tool.

iOS 14.4.2 Will Fix A Dangerous Safari Exploit
If you own an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, then you might want to update your devices ASAP. This is because Apple has released iOS 14.4.2 which comes with a fix for an exploit in Safari that could allow for hackers to potentially manipulate websites through cross site scripting when viewed through Safari on your mobile devices.

A14X Chipset For The iPad Pro Revealed In iOS 14.5 Beta
When it comes to the chipsets used in Apple’s iPads, what we’ve seen is that Apple usually uses a variant of its A-series chipsets. This is usually based on the current-gen A-series but with some additional cores unlocked or a slight speed boost. However, this year’s iPad refresh could be rather exciting.

Apple Maps Could Soon Get A Popular And Useful Google Maps Feature
One of the popular features of Google Maps is the ability for it to tell you if a place is crowded and what time the crowd usually shows up. This is useful if you’re planning to visit the area and you want to know what time you should go if you want to avoid the crowd, or if the place is currently crowded and maybe you should go elsewhere.

Apple’s iPads Are About To Get A Microphone Privacy Feature In iOS 14.5
Last year, it was discovered that with the newer iPad Pro models, Apple introduced a privacy feature for the tablet’s microphone where when the cover of the iPad Pro’s case was closed, it would disconnect the microphone. The idea is that it would prevent any potential issues where the microphone could be hijacked and used to spy on users without their knowledge.

iOS 14.5 Beta Sees Apple Proxy Google’s Safe Browsing To Safeguard Your IP Address
Whenever we use Google’s services, some kind of data is transmitted to the company. Typically, this kind of data is used by Google not necessarily for malicious purposes, but to gather information so that they can better serve up ads that they think is relevant to you. Some find it a bit invasive, but that’s the “price” we pay for using Google’s services.

Apple Maps Update In iOS 14.5 Will Let Users Report Accidents And Hazards
While Apple Maps has come a long way since its initial debut, there are still some features missing from it that other apps have. For example, if you like to use Waze mainly because it allows you to report accidents and hazards, then you might be interested to learn that Apple Maps will be gaining that feature soon.

Android 12 Could Borrow Some Privacy Design Cues From iOS
In the more recent versions of iOS, Apple has introduced indicators within iOS to let users know if their microphone or cameras are being accessed. This is useful because if you did not grant an app permission to use your phone’s cameras or microphones, then these indicators will let you know.

iOS 14.5 Will Let You Choose Siri’s Default Music Player
So with iOS 14, Apple has introduced the ability for users to finally set the default apps of their choice for certain functions, such as their browser and email. But what about music players? Turns out that in the upcoming iOS 14.5 update, that could change, but not necessarily in the way that some of us are hoping.

Apple Card Credit Sharing Could Be Coming In iOS 14.5
When you own a credit card, you can also apply for supplementary cards for your other family members, or friends if you happen to feel very generous. All these cards will share the same credit limit, but makes it easier for others to use the credit, like when they’re out shopping and you’re not there with them.

iOS 14.5 Will Finally Enable 5G Dual SIM Support On The iPhone
Similar to some of Apple’s more recent iPhones, the iPhone 12 lineup comes with dual SIM support. However, early on it was discovered that dual SIM support did not extend to 5G. This meant that if you wanted to use 5G, users would have to disable one of the SIM card slots, which was kind of annoying and limiting.