Last year, Apple debuted the M1 Apple Silicon chipset. At the rate Apple refreshes its A-series chipsets for its iPhones, many expected that this year would see Apple launch the M2, but apparently that will not be the case, at least according to @dyhlandkt on Twitter who claims that the M2 will only debut in 2022.

According to the tweet, apparently the M2 chipset will be launching in 2022 alongside Apple’s MacBook Air refresh, which similar to the iMac will reportedly launch in a variety of colors beyond what’s currently offered. Instead, and rather interestingly enough, Apple will be using the M1X for its MacBook Pro that could be launching this September.

Now, the M1 chipset is by no means a slouch but if Apple really wants to create a “Pro” computer on par with the Intel MacBook Pros with discrete GPUs, they will definitely need to make something a lot more impressive. We’re not sure if an upgraded M1 will be enough to get the job done, but then again, we are just speculating and we could be wrong.

Also, if the rumors are true about a redesigned MacBook Pro, wouldn’t Apple want to use something newer and more exciting like the M2? Either way, this information is best taken with a grain of salt for now, but hopefully we’ll have more details leading up to September.

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