Microsoft’s Flight Simulator is probably one of the most realistic flight sims available right now, but what if you’re not a plane enthusiast? What if maybe you prefer flying a helicopter? The good news is that according to the Asobo Studio team, they have revealed a roadmap for their updates and adding helicopters is part of it.

According to a list of feedback they have received, it seems that helicopters are something that many gamers have asked for. The developer notes that this is a feature that is currently being planned, but the bad news is that it seems that they are anticipating that it will probably only be released in 2022, so we still have quite a bit of waiting to do.

Regardless, it is still a very fun addition to the game when it does happen, although right now it might be too early to tell what exactly they will be doing on that front. That being said, gamers who do want to fly a helicopter in the game can do so via a third-party mod, but in case you prefer official support, then this is an update to look forward to.

Hopefully the developers will release a trailer or screenshots ahead of the update, so check back with us in the future for more updates.

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