In terms of power, the Nintendo Switch isn’t exactly known for that, but the console has many other things going for it, like its innovative controls and also strong first-party titles that many gamers are familiar with. However, we’re sure that fans of Nintendo probably wouldn’t mind seeing a new and upgraded version of the Switch.

There have been rumors about a “Pro” version of the Switch in the works, and it looks like Nintendo has since announced a new model. Unfortunately, this isn’t necessarily the upgrade we were hoping for. According to the announcement, it seems that the only upgrade to this new Switch would be its larger 7-inch OLED display.

Conspicuously missing from the announcement is the rumored support for 4K. The new Switch will continue to use a 720p display when undocked, but when docked, it will continue to support 1080p, so for those who were hoping for 4K support, you’re out of luck. Other upgrades include an increase to the internal memory from 32GB to 64GB, better audio, a much improved kickstand, and a built-in ethernet port in the dock.

Other than that, it seems that the internals of the new Nintendo Switch remain the same as its predecessor. We’re not sure if this is worth upgrading to for current owners of the Switch, but if you don’t own one yet, then this model might be the one for you. It will be priced at $350 and will be going on sale on the 8th of October.

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