For a few months, we have been hearing rumors that Nintendo could be planning a “pro” version of the Nintendo Switch with upgraded hardware and performance. However, that announcement never came. Instead, what we got was a Nintendo Switch with an OLED display, but apart from the new display, everything else remained identical.

So what gives? Does Nintendo not plan on launching a Nintendo Switch Pro? If they do, it won’t be anytime soon. This is according to Nintendo themselves who recently tweeted, “We also want to clarify that we just announced that Nintendo Switch(OLED Model) will launch in October, 2021, and have no plans for launching any other model at this time.”

The company does not explicitly say there will never be a Pro model, but as the OLED model was only recently announced, don’t hold your breath just yet. In all fairness, the Switch has been selling very well even if its hardware doesn’t really compare with other consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, but then it doesn’t really have to.

Nintendo is clearly aiming at a different group of gamers than those Microsoft and Sony are targeting. So far Switch owners seem more than happy with their console and the various first-party titles, so why waste money setting up new production lines and getting new components when the original model is already doing so well?

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