Apple’s current iPad lineup largely relies on LCD, save for the 2021 iPad Pro which switched to mini LED. However, a recent report suggested that come 2022, we might be able to look forward to an OLED iPad Air, but that might also be wrong now. This is according to analysts at Display Supply Chain Consultants who claim that the first OLED iPad will now arrive in 2023.

The initial report suggested that the first OLED iPad could be a 10.8-inch iPad Air, which we guess makes sense. Apple has already switched to mini LED for the iPad Pro so it seems unlikely that they will be making another display tech switch so soon. However, what’s interesting about these reports is why Apple isn’t switching to mini LED across the board.

OLED is more expensive which is why for the most part, we see the tech mostly used in phones as far as our mobile devices are concerned. This is why for the longest time ever, Apple’s iPads have used LCD. However, the introduction of OLED to the iPad lineup will indeed be a welcome one.

OLEDs traditionally offer richer colors and deeper blacks, something that we’re sure that some iPad users will be able to appreciate. Either way, if the 2023 date holds true, then we still have quite a bit of waiting to do so don’t hold your breath just yet.

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